Cawthon, Braden



A thrilling, apocalyptic horror debut from Braden Cawthon, perfect for fans of KR Alexander and Joe Hill!

Joel Walker wakes up to a world suddenly and frighteningly changed. In the wake of a massive power outage, an otherworldly siren begins to blare, changing all that listen to it for too long in frightening ways. Desperate to find his mother and little sister, Joel will have to survive in a world that is coming apart at its seams.

An edge-of-your seat thriller that will have readers guessing until the end, this debut novel is sure to make a huge splash with YA readers.


Braden Cawthon is an author and computer scientist from Texas. When he’s not writing or working on his PC, he spends his time enjoying an assortment of different video games and playing with his cat. Though he enjoys writing thrillers, his favorite genre is fantasy.