Loving, Denton



East Tennessee poet Denton Loving's second collection centers on the bond that endures between father and son, even after death. In plainspoken poetry that is often narrative in form, the writer's personal experiences living on an inherited cattle farm and tending to an aging orchard are detailed. Loving explores and celebrates the physical and psychological landscapes of his native Appalachia—its mountains and valleys, its flora and fauna—with language that is lyrical and bursting with sudden shocks of emotional power. These are poems that serve as witness to the natural world, blurred with history and mythology to examine the eternal father-son paradigm. Readers will be reminded why Ron Rash has said that "Denton Loving has the talent to convey what he has seen that we too might see, and feel, and know deeply."


Denton Loving lives on a farm near the historic Cumberland Gap where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia come together. He is the author of the poetry collection Crimes Against Birds. His poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews have been widely published in journals including River Styx, CutBank, and Iron Horse Literary Review. Learn more about him at https://dentonloving.com/.