Meet Kyle Ann, a wordsmith whose journey from dedicated mother and career woman to published author defied conventional blueprints. As the visionary force behind Embrace Your Muse Creative Writing Workshops, Kyle brings her knack for dissecting the intricacies of tapping into your imagination to a platform engineered to awaken the dormant writer within you.

As an inspired author, she offers uniquely tailored strategies rooted in the science of imagination as it relates to learning style, preventing the shackles of perceived writer's block and keeping the creativity flowing while remaining in your current Work-In-Progress (WIP).

Kyle Ann believes Your imagination can and will lead you to your writing potential. Her approach to coaching transcends mere technical guidance; it's a holistic endeavor that encourages clients to dig deep into the human psyche, providing a nurturing environment for them to explore and express freely. With a focus on connecting you with your innermost self, Kyle Ann helps you craft narratives that are not just compelling but profoundly authentic and impactful by giving you permission to allow yourself to “enter the silly.” Her methodology is a seriously fun way to explore your imagination. In the world of writing, which is cluttered with subjective voices, let Kyle Ann guide you in liberating your creative muse, ensuring that your stories don't just add to the noise but resonate with authentic creativity.

Embark on a transformative thought journey with Kyle Ann's talk, "EMBRACE YOUR MUSE," aimed at reigniting the childlike wonder and imagination often stifled in adulthood. Drawing on the science of imagination and learning styles, Kyle Ann provides a roadmap to help you uncover ideas and inspirations you never knew you had.

Learn how to:

• Demystify the Writing Slump: Learn to distinguish between "writer's block" and what Kyle Ann cheekily refers to as "writer’s bollocks.”
• Delve into the nuances of your individual learning style and the underlying science of imagination to gain self-awareness that can significantly improve your creative process.
• Reclaim the childlike wonder you’ve lost over the years, offering you not just a license but an enthusiastic nudge to explore your creative depths fearlessly and authentically.
This engaging talk serves as a compelling invitation to grant yourself the permission to be childlike again, unlocking untapped creative potential and guiding you towards authentic storytelling. Your audience will be inspired to implement Kyle’s challenge “Get your GLOW-work on”.