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“Peace Without Measures,” an award-winning contemporary romance that unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Charlotte. Meet Sahara Davenport, a janitor whose dreams and commitment to family shape his world. When a hidden truth shatters his life, he finds solace within his family's embrace, battling depression with unyielding courage.

Amidst the darkness, an unexpected glimmer emerges—Renee Durand, a beacon of light with secrets of her own. As Sahara's confidante, she becomes his anchor, igniting a bond that defies the odds. Their connection deepens, a testament to their shared resilience.

Yet, buried traumas and an unanticipated diagnosis cast shadows on their journey. Sahara faces an unimaginable choice, torn between love and responsibility, as he cares for a male family member diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer—a rarely discussed issue.

Will their love withstand these heart-wrenching trials, or will it succumb to adversity? 'Peace Without Measures' weaves a powerful love story, raising poignant awareness about male breast cancer. It explores the strength of love in the face of unimaginable challenges, reminding us that true peace is forged through unwavering love and the measures taken to protect those we cherish.