Rod Sanford

Rod Sanford originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, has a degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and has received several awards for his news and editorial writing.

Like many writers, he found his love for the written word early in life. However he labels himself as a storyteller.

"Telling a good story will turn good writing into great writing, but all the mechanics in the world won’t fix an incomplete tale...... "

Rod is the author the three very popular and exciting book franchises.

The Paladin Mysteries follow a security detail and their assignments when murder, theft, and other crimes occur at African American cultural events.

The Teke (teek) Manion Mysteries follows an insurance investigator of weird and unique properties as he tries to fix things that have gone wrong such as arson, theft, and murder.

Legend of the Tigris is a fantasy adventure for grades 9-12. It started as a labor of love arising from Rod's affection for tigers and his commitment to their protection. Legend of The Tigris has been as popular with adults as with teens and pre-teens. The sequel, Legend of The Covenant Prophecy has started a five book series for the amazing Sasha Tigress.

Rod is a blessed five-year cancer survivor. His next book, Balance Patience and Faith will detail his journey, his family's contribution, and the lessons they have learned from it.

Rod currently lives with his family and his Facebook famous Great Dane (The Great Zane) in Orlando, Florida.